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  1. Carolyn Daniels says:

    Definitely a must!!!!
    My daughter and I have just completed the Calm birth program at Lea’s private room ‘s in Taree. Every mother should experience this amazing approach to child birth. Having had 3 children myself I thought I knew most of it.Clearly I was wrong. Ha! This natural, Calm ,informative ,personal ,supportive approach gave me the tools to fell confident in helping my daughter Tarah deliver her baby with knowledge knowing these techniques . Lea thank you so much your wonderful🌻

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    • Lea Bailey says:

      My pleasure to meet your family.What fun it was to watch how everything unfolded for you all !
      Wishing you a fab future wherever you move to and remember “Let the river flow ! ” Warm wishes always Lea xoxoxo


  2. Tarah says:

    During my second pregnancy I hoped to have a more positive birth experience. After attending the calm birth classes with Lea, I felt informed, confident, empowered and even excited for my labour to begin.

    Calm birth taught me about the amazing work a woman’s body does throughout labour, how to trust my body, breathe, release fear and surrender. The outcome was a natural, drug free water birth which was much more positive than the birth of my first child and more than I could have hoped for.

    I also highly recommend seeing Lea for postnatal care. The support provided by Lea guided me through that crucial post birth period. Lea was able to answer all the questions I had about my new baby, breastfeeding as well as my own body and emotional well-being up to 6 weeks after the birth of my son.

    Lea is very knowledgeable and takes a no nonsense, commonsense approach. She is warm, nurturing and a true character.

    Thank you for care and support Lea, I had a ball.

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    • Kristina Chan says:

      Lea was amazing throughout my pregnancy. I highly recommend her services in midwifery and also the calm birth course. Calm birth was informative and reassuring. It also was great to do with my husband as we got to learn together. My birth did not go to plan in the end but I was still able to use calm birth skills and in particular my husband knew how to remind me when I couldn’t remember in the intensity of it. He was a massive support.
      Thank you Lea


  3. Anonymous says:

    Skye Vanderpoll recommends Optimal Midwifery: “Lea has been wonderful from the first time I met her ❤️ with my 2nd born Indigo and to have her as my ever so informative midwife friend a big support with my 3rd pregnancy with my beautiful boy who is now 6.5months old, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you Lea Thankyou from the bottom of my heart and my living being🙏🏼 You definitely got me over my little hurdles with information and your personal touch to make me always feel at ease with everything I had to get my head around I recommend Optimal Midwifery to anyone who is wanting that more personal experience from such a loving and beautiful person xx much love and light xx”

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    Thankyou Skye for your wonderful feedback . I feel blessed to work with women on the programe.

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    • Lea Bailey says:

      Thanks for your trust in the program ! I had a blast caring for you.I’m thrilled your wishes came to fruitian. Warm regards Lea xoxoxoxo Reply better late than never.


    • Lea Bailey says:

      Finally loading this.My service suited your needs and wishes. I’m just happy for all the family to achieve what you wannted. You are amazing ! xoxoxoxoxox


  4. Anonymous says:

    Lea and this programme are absolutely amazing!! I felt so supported and empowered through Lea and her holistic approach towards pregnancy and birth.
    My baby was breech which was found at 36 weeks, Lea gave me exercises and positions to help turn my baby, referred me to an acupuncturist and also gave me foot reflexology herself to assist the turn. Although I still had to have the external cephalic version which was successful, I believe all of Lea’s exercises assisted to tune my body and make room for the turn.
    To prepare me and my body for labour Lea educated me, and in turn my partner on acupressure points to encourage cervix dilation. One of the points in particular I had my partner do for every contraction I had as it was so relieving!
    I also was overdue and Lea gave me tips to help bring on labour.
    At every appointment Lea is so approachable and open and she has a calmness that eases the fears around pregnancy and birth. She goes above and beyond to ensure you feel confident. Unfortunately my baby had a few complications post birth which were unexpected, however she is perfectly fine now. Lea was really supportive and present through this emotional time and is thorough with the postnatal visits.
    I highly recommend this programme to every pregnant woman and their partner who wish to be empowered, educated and ready for birth, as well as feel supported and encouraged through the postnatal period.

    Thanks Lea, you’re an absolutely incredible midwife and person! Xx

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  5. Demi says:

    It was my first pregnancy and I had shared care with Lea through optimal midwifery for both pregnancy and postnatal care. I found this so benificial going through Lea for check ups, I felt supported and she was there to give me information and guidance that helped me through the pregnancy process. I always felt calm and positive after appointments and at ease knowing I had a personal Midwife I dealt with at each appointment. Lea would be up to date on my information and I could text or call for any concerns at any time, It was so reassuring! As we were going to be first time parents my husband and I also completed Lea’s calm birthing coarse. We both believe this is a MUST for all new parents to be. It helped explain the whole natural birthing process and how the amazing female body works. She showed us how to breath and remain calm throughout labor or just life in general. The most beneficial part of the class was It helped my husband understand the process and the tools in which he could use on the day to support me, keep me positive and keep the environment around us calm to welcome our new baby into the world.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    We used both Lea’s shared care midwifery service and my husband I completed the Calmbirth classes prior to our son being born in March 2019. I could not recommend Lea highly enough. Her approach and teaching was incredibly helpful to both my husband and I, especially as I had only recently arrived in Australia and was unaware of how the systems etc worked and therefore was quite anxious and overwhelmed. Having Lea made transitioning my medical care from the UK to Australia so much easier. She was able to talk us through each step in detail and took time and care to address our individual needs as first time parents. The Calmbirth classes were so helpful to both my husband and me and looking back my husband said he would have felt so overwhelmed during my labour and birth without having done this preparation. Lea equipped us with key information as well as techniques to use in the lead up and during our sons birth. We are so grateful for all the care we received and especially to Lea for getting to know us and helping us through each step. Finally, it felt reassuring to know that Lea was coming out to the house in the weeks after our sons birth to answer and queries or concerns we had. We would recommend her service to anyone who is pregnant or trying for a baby.


  7. Ashton says:

    I saw Lea at Optimal Midwifery at Lake Cathie Medical Centre in my first pregnancy and knew 100% that I would go through her again in my second pregnancy. I had some anxiety surrounding the birth as my first pregnancy ended with an emergency cesarean. At the time I managed it well as I had completed the Calm Birth course which was the best decision I’d made. So I knew I would do my Calm Birth refresher to help with those nervous feelings. I am so glad I returned to Lea for another positive supportive experience. Lea also provides post natal home visits which was amazing as a second time mum. Lea has supported me through my breastfeeding journey for the second time. I was also able to contact her via text message or a phone call if I had any concerns. I urge anyone wanting an empowering experience in their pregnancy and birth to contact Lea and make an appointment!

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  8. Lea Bailey says:

    Its been awesome caring for you and your gorgious family . My heartfelt thanks and warm wishes for choosing my service of 6 years now kicking along : ) xoxoxox ” Keep it calm ! ” Lea


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